Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring Leaders is a workflow learning platform designed to provide learners with narrowly focused learning interactions.  They occur in short bursts at random moments throughout the day.

When a person has to stop what they’re working on to spend large blocks of time on a learning exercise, it’s a disruption. Workflow learning integrates into the learner’s workday, so it’s different.

The app is built on the OttoLearn microlearning platform, a Canadian-owned online learning company which TAC has partnered with for many years, because it complements our multisensory systems. In the words of the microlearning developer, “Microlearning is the perfect companion to longer-form training.”

One of the benefits of workflow learning is its flexibility, because content is added and updated regularly, making the experience fresh for the learners who can experience new topics, concepts, and activities on a continuous basis.


The overall ‘program’ is called a module. In this case, it’s a leadership development focus, intended for existing and future leaders.


A topic is like a chapter in the module. Some examples of the topics include:

  • Succeeding through goals
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Engagement & motivation
  • Coaching for success
  • Factors that make teams successful
  • People & culture

There are many more topics in addition to the ones listed above, and more on the way!


These are the ‘sub-chapters’, for instance, self-awareness is an important element of emotional intelligence.


Perhaps the most important components of Aspiring Leaders are the activities which test the learner’s retention of a concept.

If you haven’t already received the Aspiring Leaders PDF overview that provides more details on how the program works, click here.

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