Business by Design

Sunday, March 12 2023

The book Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linker is a great reminder of how important it is to continually challenge your vision. Linker suggests that in today’s competitive environment, you must be tinkering with your business strategy weekly. Building your business by design is critical because if you don’t, someone else has might just implement  your dream.

Uber took the taxi industry by surprise when it turned a mature business model on its head. Look at what thinking like a designer did to that industry!

Complacency is not an option because environments change. For example, new businesses are opening daily as more individuals exit the corporate world seeking a better work/life balance.

Business by Design

How do you begin a process that enables you to look into the future? Perhaps, you might hire innovative and inventive people who can help you look at things in new ways. Consider observing what people do to move beyond the constraints of traditional thinking, like hiring a coach to assist you.

While we all know others who accomplish what they need or want, even they have gaps between what they say and what they are doing.

Build for Tomorrow

Visionary leaders embrace the mystery of the future because they live by the credo: Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why it is called the present. Start crafting tomorrow’s needs by stepping out of your current beliefs and “lead by design.”

The challenge to all leaders is to take advantage of this great gift:

  • What will you start doing differently tomorrow? And how do you propose to keep score?
  • Are you capable of being a disruptive force of change to be the best you and your employees can be?
  • Can you or your employees do one thing differently that would drive the business results to a new level?

Make a commitment to be the master of your destiny then contact our team for help building your business by design.