Forced Pivot Strategy

Monday, May 17 2021

Since the COVID pandemic began it has been difficult to have a conversation about work without the word ‘pivot’ coming up. Every organization has had to adapt, posthaste, to contactless or stay-at-home work. The acronym PPE has become part of our everyday lexicon.

The media and business organizations report daily on large sectors of the economy that have been decimated by this pandemic. However, there are also many businesses that have carried on just fine or excelled. For simplification, we have grouped organizations into three buckets:

  1. Organizations that are relatively unaffected in terms of who they serve and/or the demand for those services. Some are even busier right now! Just try to buy a bicycle or rent a cottage. Such enterprises might be considering a leverage strategy, examining ways to build upon an already effective plan for even greater outcomes.
  2. Those that provide essential services, even though many of the customers they serve have been impacted by the pandemic. Consider banks and insurance companies. You need what they offer, yet they have had to make accommodations in order to serve those clients who have been affected.
  3. Organizations that are dramatically impacted. If you are with an airline, convention centre or hotel, chances are you have experienced massive layoffs. As we know, thousands of businesses, like restaurants, have closed or are on the precipice. For organizations dramatically impacted, we appreciate the situation you are in. It has been inspiring to see leaders finding ways to keep their most valued asset – employees – on their teams, whether by utilizing government programs, rotating shifts, or implementing other innovative means. Very creative pivots are in play and we will hear many more amazing stories before this journey is over.

All organizations have been required to pivot in some way over the past 12+ months. More will be required before we regain some sense of normalcy. Every organization is unique and each one will require a pandemic strategy that is different from others in its industry. Best of luck to you as you chart your course.

Note: If you are in frontline healthcare, you are taking the greatest risk for others, and we thank you for your service.