Getting Buy-In

Sunday, November 5 2023

Judy Preszcator – In sales, the person asking questions has control of the conversation.  If you have the gift of gab, you’re not alone.  But consider this for a moment.  If you’re doing all the talking, how are you learning what your client’s needs are?  Getting buy-in from your clients means they need to trust that you understand them and their situation.

Develop Trust

To develop trusting relationships with your prospects, you need to be genuine and truly care about their needs.  For example:

  • Timing – we’ve heard about the sales cycle, but we need to pay attention to our prospects’ buying cycle. Do they even know they have a problem that needs solving?  Are they ready to act now or have they already decided to go with company ABC?
  • Trust – There are six types of trust (from our Pure Selling program) in the buying process and while they aren’t all about the salesperson, it is your responsibility to demonstrate the following:
    • Integrity – having your customer’s interests in mind
    • Credibility – being knowledgeable and skilled about your products or services
    • Understanding of your customer’s situation and needs
    • The company’s ability to deliver what you promised
    • The product’s ability to deliver
    • A customer’s own ability to utilize your product or service to its potential
  • Asking Questions – great salespeople aren’t great talkers; rather they are great question askers and have a basic list to help you uncover what the client’s wants and needs are.  Who makes the decision and how, then do they have a budget and how urgent is it.  Ask lots of open-ended questions then go deeper to get to the real reason.
  • Be a Solutions Provider, not a Product Pusher – Go into your meeting with the mindset of uncovering your client’s needs, not talking about the latest product your company has. Because it doesn’t matter if they don’t need it.

Getting Buy-In

Behave and think in a way that demonstrates you fully believe your prospect’s needs come first, last, and always.  Without exception, leave your ego at the door.  Let your self-confidence and positive attitude shine through.  People are naturally drawn to those that do this well.

Sales is a great profession to be in and if you find the above tips helpful, Take a tour of our website or reach out to us.