Involving Employees in Decisions

Monday, May 15 2023

Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Talent itself is ineffective if it is not aimed at achieving common goals, so involving employees in decisions is key for a team to succeed.

Involving Employees in Decisions

When people participate in decision making, they feel more committed to achieve the desired result and the well-being of the organization. At the same time, it becomes a powerful motivator to overcome obstacles.

Set Common Goals

Because when team members and managers establish strategic shared goals, the company’s challenges become personal challenges, this makes employees more motivated and committed by making them their own. Harvard Business Review reports that, on average, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware or do not understand its strategy.

How to Involve the Team in Decisions:

  • Take the time to know the staff.
  • Keep team members updated on the business situation.
  • Connect their daily work with the goals of the organization.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Ask for honest feedback and act accordingly.
  • Focus on the strengths and talents of people.

Strive for Engagement

Managers and team leaders make decisions every day. However, having a thorough understanding of how different processes can benefit the final result, means employees know better than anyone the activities assigned to them. They see how their contributions can lead to real improvements and greater productivity, so they need to be engaged.

Employee engagement isn’t about making the team work harder. It’s about removing barriers like burnout and unclear goals, so the team can feel excited about working with the organization, and bring out their full potential.

Include people in decision making. Help anticipate future changes and how to deal with them more effectively when the time comes. It broadens the vision and reduces resistance to change.

How Involved is Your Team?

All you have to do is ask. Applying surveys to have team insight is a great start, make sure to include questions that cover important aspects such as development, leadership, organization, among others, which directly impact employee engagement with the organization. The Achievement Centre offers measurement tools that allow you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement and help you make the best strategic decisions for the future.