Reframe Your Thinking

Sunday, March 12 2023

What has your strategy been to manage your team through change and reframe your thinking? Today’s leaders navigate constant change, and their teams look to them for support and guidance.

Reframe Thinking

If you’re not already doing so, one key process is one-on-one coaching. Some leaders tell us there isn’t enough time, they aren’t sure how to get started, or what coaching really means. And nothing happens. If one-on-one coaching is something you want to implement and don’t know where to start, we can help.

Get To Know Them

In addition to coaching, it is important to get to know your direct reports beyond the position they hold within the company. What we believe to be true or what we assume to be factual can influence our decisions. Learning what motivates individuals and who they are as a whole person strengthens the relationship and builds trust.

Our beliefs determine the attitude which creates behaviours that generate results. Results reinforce our beliefs, so if beliefs are based on assumptions and wrong data, this will impact the team’s results and their ability to trust you as a leader.

When you reframe your thinking, you improve your mental outlook, which results in a positive change in attitude, behavior, and outcomes. It’s not easy to intentionally reframe your thinking. It requires an investment of time and energy, but in today’s business world, the status quo can no longer be accepted.

Let’s Look at a Real-Life Example

A manager had a team of six direct reports, one of whom would frequently show up late. This frustrated the leader, who heard every excuse in the book. When they sat down and had a talk with this individual about their behaviour, they learned there was an illness in the family. The manager’s frustration changed to empathy and together they came up with a solution for positive results. The manager reframed their thinking which changed their beliefs and attitude which lead to an outcome that benefited all.

Take some time now and evaluate how you respond to situations and how you think you could handle them differently. If your gut feeling is that you need to change something, then that’s what you should do. Start by reframing your thinking then, depending on your situation, speak with your team, collectively or individually. You may be showing some vulnerability, but your team will respect you for it and they will begin to know you beyond the position you hold. Together you will work toward success.

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