Show Gratitude and Pass it On

Monday, October 10 2022

 Ken Ingram – I believe in taking stock, the most important aspect of which is to count your blessings and then show gratitude. A simple thank you that shows appreciation is free. You cannot say it often enough. It is something parents teach when we are young, and it may be one of the best lessons in life. Always say “please” and “thank you.” Although Canadians are known for their politeness, these words and lessons cross cultures.

A Benefit to Business

We are constantly looking for new ways in sales to attract and maintain clients, and sometimes just saying, “Thank you. I appreciate your business” makes a difference and shows gratitude. It can be a simple call with no ulterior motive. You may think that you could not make a call just to say thank you but try picking ten clients and doing it. You might consider purchasing a box of Thank You cards to have ready to give or send out to anyone with whom you do business.

When you maintain an attitude of giving and gratitude, you appreciate the things people do for you and see more clearly what you can do for others. A world of possibilities opens up.

Paying it Forward

People like to help those who give freely of themselves. It can lead to paying it forward, a great example of psychological reciprocity. Imagine the possibilities if you do one thing for someone, and in return they do something for one, two or three others as a thank you?

Recently a relative shared his experience with lack of gratitude. He had volunteered for a local kid’s sports team. He was not looking for much in return for his hours of service. However, he distinctly remembered that no one said thanks. There was no card in the mail, no year-end barbecue, not even a telephone call. How many people in our communities dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours each year? In return, most of them would be pleased if someone simply said a heartfelt thank you.

As an owner or manager of a small business, take the time to thank your employees and to remind them to say, “thank you.” Particularly to their clients and customers who are their “raison d’être.” Knowing how to show gratitude and to appreciate others is good for business.

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