The Achievement Centre and The Delfi Group

Tuesday, January 5 2016

The Delfi Group has been distributing TAC programs for 20 years, most recently as a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) with The Achievement Centre.  This well-established bilingual consulting company has grown to 9 consultants based in eastern and central Ontario.  We are pleased to announce that Delfi and TAC have signed an agreement which establishes Delfi as a Preferred Distributor.

This new collaborative structure will allow our two organizations to work more closely together while still respecting Delfi as a standalone entity within our industry.

The experience and expertise of The Delfi Group are a nice complement to our own team and services. This agreement will continue to allow certified coaches from The Delfi Group to facilitate some of our most popular programs, participate in best practice calls and our annual conference, and enable cross referencing  on our websites.

Securing this mutually beneficial agreement is an important component to TAC’s strategy to build  a national network of high quality coaches and facilitator, and to Delfi’s strategy to continue to be a sustainable training and consulting organization in Ontario and beyond.

As a Preferred Distributor, we know the future is bright for all involved. Welcome Larry and the rest of the Delfi Team!