What Makes Employees Stay?

Monday, December 26 2022

Judy Preszcator – Employees stay because they feel their manager has their back and because they feel valued and have a voice in the organization. It comes down to trust. Trust takes time and patience to establish.

Here are a few ways to develop trust:

  • Helping them grow and develop.
  • Recognizing their strengths and building upon them.
  • Understanding what motivates them.
  • Walking the talk and do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Sharing the vision of the organization.
  • Encouraging two-way feedback.
  • Working on goals together.
  • Delegating responsibilities.
  • Ensuring they have a voice.
  • Obtaining results.
  • Fostering accountability.

Ask for Their Opinion

Ask your team for their thoughts in key areas such as goals they want to work on or how you are doing as their manager. Communication is one area many of our clients identify as something they want to improve. A survey can determine what you’re doing well and areas that need your attention, based on your employees’ anonymous responses.

Walking the Talk

Walking the talk is all about leading by example and being your authentic self to build trust which takes time, truth and respect.

What’s Their Why

Understanding what motivates individuals is instrumental in their decision to stick around. Their “why” is what drives performance, engagement and commitment. You need to ask questions and get to know them better to realize what motivates them. It builds trust and increases employee retention.

Delegating Well

When you effectively delegate tasks or projects, you are telling that person that you trust them and they’re valued. It’s setting clear expectations on how, what, when and why. The focus is ultimately on obtaining results. Ensure they are on-board and mutually determine outcomes. It will be their responsibility to tell you if they can’t meet a deadline or run into difficulties. But, you still need to support them where needed. If your style is “dumping and running” on a regular basis, you best keep your eye on the door, your employee may be walking out for the last time.

No one said leading people was easy although some do make it look that way. It means dealing with different emotions, attitudes and personalities. But, it also means making a positive difference in others and seeing a person grow and become more confident. When you build trust and have their back, you’ll see them walking in the door tomorrow.

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