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 Is leadership learned or innate? We believe everyone has leadership potential waiting to be unleashed. However, it may take some refining to become an effective leader. Our leadership courses are an investment in your skills and your future success.

Results-Centred Leadership™

Effective leadership is the single biggest contributor to an organization’s success. and Results-Centred Leadership™ builds upon the inherent leadership potential in each person. This program explores the characteristics of good leaders, the importance of setting goals, and how to find the motivation to achieve them. Participants will discover how to build relationships, leverage teamwork and how to handle stress.

 Participants will notice changes in behaviours and attitudes that produce measurable results!

Results-Centred Teamwork

Teams are much different than just groups of people. An effective team leverages the individual qualities of each member and uses them to set goals and get results! Results-Centred Teamwork will harness the skills and knowledge of team members and forge them into a high-performance work unit. 

Effective teams will generate improved results, increased job satisfaction and an organization based on mutual respect and trust.

Coaching for Success

Truly effective leadership depends on a culture of coaching. Coaching will motivate your team while inspiring engagement in employees.

Coaching for Success gives leaders a foundation for coaching within an organization while providing insight into the proven value of coaching, the importance of communication to that process, and what should be expected in one-on-one coaching sessions.

This program can be used as a natural follow-up for managers who have already participated in Results-Centred Leadership™ as an opportunity to consolidate their learning.

RADAR – Self-Leadership Development

RADAR stands for Responsibility, Awareness, Development, Accountability and Results and is an effective tool for high performers to understand both their strengths and opportunities for growth. It can help identify behaviours that may be hindering even greater performance. 

Accepting responsibility and accountability translates into goal focus, motivation and increased productivity. RADAR can help individuals to perform better through recognizing behaviours that drain energy and provide strategies for desired change.

Effective Delegation

People in leadership are often bogged down with tasks. Delegating can not only free up their time for effective leadership, but it also empowers junior employees with responsibility.

Effective delegation is more than just giving assignments and expecting them to be completed. It is a leadership and communication skill that allows individuals to act with authority and accountability within agreed upon boundaries. It is the key to building organizational capacity and strengthening skills of individuals within teams.

The Effective Delegation leadership course provides the system and clarity to delegate effectively, while developing the skills and enthusiasm of your people to take on more responsibilities.

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