A Time of Transition

After a few years, Wayne found the sales program provided by CTDG to be in need of a significant upgrade and the author was reluctant to invest the time and money to freshen it up. With some encouragement from some friends, Wayne decided to develop his own sales program and offer it to CTDG as a supplement or replacement for their existing program. Thus was born ACCISS – The Achievement Centre’s Course In Selling Skills.

Around the same time Kit Silcox was developing Milestones and Performance, and Caroline Rowan and Fred Clark were developing the Results-Centred Leadership program to round out a fresh new, Canadian suite of programs. For a number of years, these programs formed the core offerings for over 140 trainers and facilitators across Canada who had joined CTDG.

Ted Kemper, owner of CTDG died in the late 90’s and unfortunately, the business foundered and closed after only a few short years.

Vanwyck, Rowan, Clark and Silcox met frequently to discuss how to best continue to supply products for those who had built their training business based on their programs. They decided to set up a partnership and called it RAMP Marketing Group. RAMP served its purpose as a stopgap during a time of transition, but the partners soon realized that during the mismanagement and downturn of CTDG, many of their customers had drifted away. It would be necessary to recruit new Affiliates and do it in a way that made business sense.

In 1996, a client offered to help Wayne start a call centre, so they could work together to provide telemarketing services to his company. While Wayne didn’t want to manage a call centre, he decided owning one and working with it to succeed would give him some great business experience and additional credibility with his business clients. Within four years, Callright Marketing Services had outgrown its office and moved to an office seven times larger in Kitchener. This office had a training room and it was there that RAMP partners met to plan for the future.

Fred Clark died suddenly leaving Caroline Rowan to manage the Results-Centred Leadership program. She went on to develop Results-Centred Teamwork, Coaching For Success and the RADAR Process in recent years.

Caroline and Kit agreed that for the business to grow, it should be managed by one person rather than three. They nominated Wayne to run the operation and together, they decided to manage everything under The Achievement Centre brand. A total rebranding of the products and the company took place in 2004.

Now Callright Marketing Services and The Achievement Centre were operating out of one 7400 square foot office on River Road in Kitchener. Kit and Caroline continued to offer support and encouragement throughout the growth and evolution of TAC.

Wayne began recruiting new team members and soon had seven new Affiliates in addition to the former members of CTDG. The first combined conference was held in 2005, run out of the offices on River Road and included people from across Canada, plus a couple from the USA.