The Achievement Centre (TAC) focuses on bringing out the most in an organization, helping clients to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Focus – We assist the business owner/leader with planning: strategy, execution, and transition. We then provide leadership development and coaching for the business leader to help them achieve each plan.

Results – Armed with a plan, and a well prepared leader, TAC then supports the organization further by providing services in areas such as leadership development, sales training, hiring tools, and employee engagement.

Focus Results

Here’s How We Do It….

Paced Learning

All of our programs are based upon our unique approach; paced learning – spaced repetition. Other training and development programs are often one or two day seminars, which while delivered quickly, typically have been almost completely forgotten within 30 days of the training.

Our clients are looking for changes in behaviours and realistically, lasting changes in behaviour are not going to be accomplished in one or two days. Our approach to training and development is typically delivered for 3 hours per session, with each session being held every one to two weeks, often supported by one-on-one coaching.

Each of our programs is multi-sensory: written materials, audio content, experiential and facilitator-led. Some of our flagship programs also include online content through our TAC Learning portal.

Business Coaching

We see coaching as discovery-based rather than advice giving. The premise is that the individual knows themselves and their business best, usually has a good idea of the answers they seek, and with help from a coach, the best answer can be drawn out. TAC’s certified business coaches work with individuals, their businesses and their teams.



In addition to facilitating our paced learning programs, TAC provides custom facilitation for client projects such as strategic reviews, goal setting, team building, and other types of workshops. Bring us your specific project, and we’ll match you up to one of our experienced Facilitators.