Our Approach

TAC helps organizations focus on results. Using simple data collection tools, we identify areas of strength to leverage as well as areas for development. Our coaches can then provide solutions from executive coaching to leadership development where needs have been identified.


We assist business leaders with strategy, execution, and succession planning. We then provide leadership development and executive coaching to help them achieve each plan.


Armed with a plan, and a well prepared leader, TAC then supports the organization further by providing services in areas such as leadership development, sales training, hiring tools, and employee engagement.

How We Do It

Paced Learning

Our clients are looking for lasting changes in behaviours. Our leadership development, sales, and strategy training is delivered using a paced and spaced, multisensory approach. This allows for better retention and for new ideas to become habitual behaviours.

We can tailor our delivery to align with your timing, budget and needs. Contact us and we can work together to build a solution that works for you.

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Asynchronous Learning

Our flagship programs include LMS modules which review the highlights of each learning chapter. Included in the modules are content recaps, audio, games and quizzes.

We also include podcasts of our popular programs which provide an auditory version of the written content. This format is designed to be listened to while going about your day – our brains gather information in this way both consciously and subconsciously.

The newest feature is our microlearning app, called Aspiring Leaders. Designed to work on your PC, tablet, or phone, it provides you the opportunity to receive quick bursts of learning on your terms.

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Aspiring Leaders

HR Tools

Using perception and psychometric-based surveys and assessments, organizations can make important decisions regarding strategy, leadership development, sales skills, employee engagement and more. With this information, training investments can be tailored to the areas that will produce the greatest measurable impact. TAC offers a wide variety of surveys to help develop organizations and people.

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Executive Coaching

We see coaching as discovery-based rather than advice giving. Individuals know themselves and their business best, and usually have a good idea of the answers they seek. With help from a coach, the best answer can be drawn out. TAC’s trained business coaches work with individuals, their businesses and their teams.

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In addition to facilitating our paced learning programs, TAC provides custom facilitation for client projects such as strategic reviews, goal setting, team building, and other types of workshops. Bring us your specific project, and we’ll match you up with one of our experienced Facilitators.

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Words from Our Clients

Working with TAC has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a young entrepreneur. An investment in your professional development with TAC is one of the most important for guaranteeing your success.

Phil de Kovachich


The RADAR program should certainly be taken by anyone who needs to navigate this ever-changing, volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business reality that we’ve all been living.

Marcelo Andrade, Managing Director, Lucalex Holdings

RADAR Participant

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