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Kit Silcox has been helping people discover and use their leadership potential for over twenty-five years as a university professor, business owner and management development facilitator. He has university degrees in Engineering, Management Sciences and Business.

Kit began his career as a professor in the Economics and Commerce Department of Simon Fraser University. Later, he returned to Southwestern Ontario and became Owner/President of a small foundry. He turned the company from a state of bare survival to a thriving enterprise, which was sold to a larger company.

In 1985, Kit established Professional Advisors as a vehicle for him to deliver the understanding and skills he acquired to people of all walks of life. Since then, Professional Advisors has grown to offer training programs in all aspects of organizational leadership, from long-term strategy to day-to-day management. He also owns Milestones Systems Inc., a publisher of management training programs.

Kit has worked with people at all levels of organizations, from front-line to president. He has helped organizations in all sectors of our community including government, trade, environmental, health care, educational, social service, agriculture and business. The smallest organization with which he has worked employed one person, the largest had 45,000.

Kit is the author of Milestones 3.0: Charting Our Future, Repéres du Gestionnaire, Performance 1.5: A Manager’s Guide to Effective Leadership and Performance Coaching. These learning systems are used by management development companies internationally to help managers and their companies become more successful.

Kit is active in the London community. He has been a past President of the London Community Small Business Centre, a committee chair of The London Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the London Executives Association.  He is a member of the Board of Original Kids Theatre Company, North America’s largest children’s theatre company.

Kit is known for his ability to lead groups in making consensus decisions that change their future. His learning systems produce results because they are designed by a facilitator who works in ‘the trenches’ with real people, addressing real issues. His programs combine learning with doing, because people use their own organization as a case to make real decisions in real time.

Kit is currently a professor in the School of Business at Fanshawe College in London, Canada.

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