5 Things You MUST Do To Succeed At Sales

Friday, October 6 2017

Imagine I’m a new salesperson for your firm. I’m excited, keen and ambitious. I want to succeed in this job. I have a young family to feed, a mortgage to pay, or I have my eye on a new car. I’m motivated.

I expect that the best way to guarantee my success is to listen to the most successful people in the business. So I speak with the top salespeople and my sales manager. I ask each one, “What do I need to do every day if I want to be as successful as you?”

I’m disturbed by their responses.

Everyone has trouble answering the question. I’m looking for specifics, however, what I hear are simplistic clichés: Work hard. Look after your customers. Be persistent. Act with integrity. Know your stuff. I don’t know what those exhortations mean in the context of my new employer.

  • How hard should I work and what does hard work look like here?
  • Right now I don’t have any customers to look after and what is the level of service I should be able to promise and deliver?
  • Be persistent with whom? How persistent? Should I call them back ten or twenty times before giving up?
  • Act with integrity I understand, but that’s not something I do, it’s integral to who I am.
  • Do I need to know all my stuff before meeting customers or can I learn along the way?

If that’s not confusing enough, each person I ask has a different response to the question. There’s no consistency!

It is reasonable for new recruits to expect that if a step-by-step approach to success existed for this company, it would be clearly defined, easy to share, and simple to track. I should be able to tell whether I am doing what I need to do to meet my boss’s expectations as well as my personal goals.

Typically that’s not what happens for new salespeople and then we wonder why they fail or take so long to get up to speed.

What five things do you need to do to be successful?

Every company will have a different answer, so you need to ask your in-house experts. Try to pin them down to specifics. Discover the daily activities that you need to turn into habits you can track, analyze, and check off. In the early days, you will be measured on your activity not your results. It is essential for you to undertake the right activities, which will lead to the results that will make you successful.

We have a useful tracking tool – The Daily Scorecard – that will enable you to focus on the activities that will make you successful. Click here to request your copy.