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Succession & Transition Planning Learning People Performance Values and Qualities

Emulating Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield’s book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Living On Earth is full o...

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Organization & Strategy Learning People Social Responsibility

Give Respect, Earn Respect

Respect is a key ingredient in the recipe for building organizational ex...

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Succession & Transition Planning Business Tools Planning Profit

Keeping Your Technology Current

Imagine trying to sell a company with ten-year-old technology! I can’t c...

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Sales Business Tools Customer Service Learning Performance

Embrace Sales Technology

One click…that’s all it takes. One click in the comfort of your home and...

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Succession & Transition Planning Generations Life and Health People Performance

Are You Satisfied?

George Bernard Shaw had an interesting perspective on the role satisfact...

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Organization & Strategy Change People Performance

Nurture Constructive Dissatisfaction

Satisfaction is an emotional response to the conditions of our life. Cha...

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