The Best Organizations Hire the Best People

Monday, February 13 2012

The best people can choose where they work. The best organizations stand above their competitors, putting more emphasis on elements other than compensation. Compensation is sixth on the list of the top six reasons people leave organizations. What the best people really want is to feel there is value in what they do and to have clarity about their work… as well as good compensation.

Achieving a sense of value to the organization requires:

  • A well-articulated mission that describes what the organization does for individuals and society.
  • A strong set of values which tells people what the organization stands for and articulates the standards for working together.
  • A powerful vision of the future position of the organization in its market. An exciting future makes it worthwhile for people to join the ride.
  • A clear strategy to accomplish the vision. This gives people confidence in the future of the organization as well as their own future if they go along with you.
  • A clear understanding that their efforts, as individuals and as part of a team, contribute to something worthwhile, which strengthens their desire to be part of it all.

The best people want to know what will be expected of them. Building a sense of clarity requires a detailed position analysis that answers key questions for potential employees:

  • What contribution will I make?
  • What will be my primary tasks?
  • In which areas will my key results lie?
  • Which occasional tasks will I be expected to do?
  • Who will be my customers – those who use what I produce?
  • Who will be my suppliers – those who provide me with what I need to be successful?
  • Which recurring internal and external relationships will I maintain to get the results I expect?
  • Which results and goals am I expected to achieve?
  • How will improvement be measured?
  • How do I measure my successes and to whom do I present the results?
  • How will I get feedback about how well am I doing?

When your organization offers jobs that have both value and clarity, the best people will be attracted to your organization.  They will see the fit with your mission and values, be confident of the organization’s potential for success and believe they have an important role to play in its future.