Building Leadership in Selling

Friday, June 8 2012

Over the years, I’ve observed that the best sales leaders share common characteristics that are worth emulating.

  1. They have a quiet confidence. They’re good, they know it and they don’t need to waste time or energy boasting about it. They don’t extol their own virtues because their results speak for themselves.
  2. They have intensity. They are focused. They know the right questions to ask to make someone squirm a little. They don’t suffer fools gladly.
  3. They are positive. They avoid negatives in a conversation. They know that their attitude directly impacts their performance.
  4. They love what they do. They see selling as a profession and a game. A game in which they can help themselves, their customer and their company win.
  5. They are committed to serving their customer’s needs. They will break down walls to prevent corporate bureaucracy from hurting their customer or getting in the way of a good sale.
  6. They believe in their products or services. If they sell a consumer product, they have purchased for themselves the best their company has to offer.
  7. They are continuous learners. They read and take training, which enables them to develop unique, creative ideas to serve their customers.
  8. They have high energy. They work hard when they work. They play hard when they play. They have high energy levels.
  9. They are pleasantly assertive. They are never obnoxious. They can smell a good opportunity to help a customer and make a sale. Once they get sight of a deal, they’re hard to rebuff.

10.  They are results-driven. They like being paid exactly what they’re worth because it’s a big number.

11.  They have high integrity. They do what they promise and tell the truth. They are trustworthy.

12.  They do what they do best and delegate the rest. They don’t spend $500/hour time on a $15/hour task.

Our economy needs more sales leaders. You can develop or strengthen the twelve attributes listed above. Focus diligently on bolstering one each month for the next year, making it a habit, and you’ll emerge as a sales leader.