Cultivate Good Habits For A Successful Transition

Friday, January 17 2014

First we make our habits and then our habits make us…or break us. Our habits can be our servants or our masters.

Your good habits are the ones that benefit you and that others admire. You might wish you could enhance these.

Your bad habits get you into trouble, are hard on your health, cause rifts with others, stand in the way of your progress, and are the ones you wish you could eliminate.

When I first read, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I was struck by six magic words: “We become what we think about.” Over the years I’ve tried to use that wisdom to my advantage. I believed that if I could control my thoughts, I could control what I became.

Choosing my habit of thinking; cultivating thoughts of positive expectancy, optimism, persistence, buoyancy, resilience and determination, took me a long way. It meant reading enlightening and inspiring literature, listening to audiobooks while driving, and attending seminars with top thinkers and successful people.

Here’s a question for you: Is your future smaller than or bigger than your past? When you look ahead, do you see bigger and better opportunities, or diminishing returns? Are you ramping up, or slowing down?

As you look forward to a new year, consider your habits. Which ones expand your future and which ones cause it to contract? Which habits reinforce what you want versus what you don’t want?

What do you do every day, without effort, which helps you to succeed? Remember when you didn’t do that? What did you have to do to make it a habit? In most cases, it was determination, persistence and repetition.

What do you do every day, without effort, which causes you not to succeed? What habits prevent you from losing weight, getting fit, improving relationships, building your business to its potential?

If you want a different future than the trajectory you’re currently on, much of it will be determined by your daily habits. If it’s true that we become what we think, what are the dominant thoughts in your mind? Which ones are your masters and which are your servants?

As we begin a new year, take control and focus on the habits that will enhance your life and contribute to an even better year for you.