Cultivate Positive Mindsets

Thursday, July 11 2013

Research has shown that life satisfaction and a positive mindset can have a strong impact on business success. Create an optimistic mindset in your organization and reap powerful results.

To plant the seeds of a positive organizational mindset begin by understanding the organization’s strategic advantages:

  • Identify key strengths. Examine past successes. Look for what the organization did to make them happen. The common threads display the key strengths.
  • Understand key opportunities. Reflect on current trends to determine the future needs of your clients.
  • Articulate your strategic advantages. Key strengths link to key opportunities.
  • Clearly articulate your mission, values and future vision. Share them with everyone. Clarity and purpose nourish positive individual mindsets.

Cultivating positive mindsets in individuals requires leadership by example. Your habits and interactions, as well as the way you handle stress are important.

Grow constructive habits by recasting your brain to think more about positive things. Try these proven techniques:

  • Jot down a list of things for which one can be grateful.
  • Write a positive message to someone.
  • Take time daily for quiet meditation.
  • Exercise at least ten minutes each day.
  • Describe a meaningful experience every day for at least three weeks to build the habit of a positive mindset.

Organizational leaders who develop these habits can coach others to do the same.

Interacting in constructive ways can involve picking up slack for another, inviting coworkers for lunch, or organizing uplifting activities. Research suggests that when people do these things, they become ten times more engaged at work. Imagine the positive feelings that would erupt and be shared if a senior leader stopped to help someone who felt overwhelmed.

To diminish the impact of stress, list your stressors, identify which you can control and take a small concrete step to reduce one at a time.  Then, coach others to manage their stress.

When the seeds of mindset change are planted and nurtured everyone becomes happier, acts with more confidence, and is more deeply engaged. A progressively happier circle occurs where success makes individuals even more upbeat, while at the same time, the organization’s mindset becomes highly positive.