Dealing With Sales Reality

Monday, July 6 2015

Some of life’s difficult questions seem to become less complex as we mature. The answers don’t have to be so detailed because the truth is obvious. There’s no need for longwinded, million-dollar explanations. The answers are often very simple.

What do you do when you don’t feel like working? Work anyway.

What do you do if you make a mistake? Accept responsibility.

How do you get referrals? Ask for them.

How do you find good prospects? Ask for referrals.

How do you become successful? Think and act like a successful person.

How do you learn what successful people think? Ask them or read their books.

How do you make time for the important priorities in selling and in life? You make time for them.

How do you build trust with your clients? Be trustworthy.

How do you establish rapport and make a good first impression? Arrive on time and smile.

How do you set the tone for the meeting? Know your purpose, have an agenda and state it confidently.

How do you find out what your client wants and needs? You ask.

How do you know if they have a budget? You ask.

How do you know their decision-making process and criteria? You ask.

How do you know their emotional reason for buying? You ask.

How do you know if they like your proposal, product or ideas? You ask.

How do you know if they are ready to buy? You ask.

How do you know if they have any hidden objections? You ask.

How do you make sure you are dealing with someone who can make a decision? Start at the top and ask if anyone else should be involved in making the decision.

How do you become recognized as an expert in your field? Become an expert.

What does it take to become an experienced, confident salesperson? Experience and training.

How long does that take? Probably years.

How do you increase your income? Provide more service to your clients.

Should you work harder, or smarter? Yes.

Can you be a successful salesperson using only social media? No.

Does that mean you have to make cold calls? Yes.

How do you achieve better results in the future? Behave better today.

What’s preventing you from being more successful? Nothing.

Who decides how happy you are? You.

Who can improve your life? You.

Anyone else? No.

Results don’t lie. That’s your reality.