Does Work/Life Balance Mean Compromise?

Friday, February 28 2014

Can anyone actually achieve work/life balance?

Have I achieved it because I write my article in Florida and not at home? Or have I completely lost all sense of balance because I am working while on vacation? Have I achieved balance without compromising either my work or my vacation? I am choosing to do what I love to do; therefore, I am at peace.

The key question is “Am I happy and satisfied with how I am choosing to live my life?” Consider these questions about life and the choices and compromises you make.

Do you enjoy the work that you are doing 80 to 90% of the time?

  • If not how can you change that?
  • Are you working toward something you really want?
  • If work is not satisfying right now, do you have a goal to improve it?

Are you putting in too many hours at work?

  • Who is telling you that? Do you agree?
  • Are you happy with the hours?
  • Are you enjoying the time you spend working?

Do you like and respect the organization for which you work? Do you like the management?

  • What are you doing to effect positive change in the organization?
  • Do you make a positive difference to the people with whom you work on a daily basis?

Do you spend the right amount of time with your family and friends?

  • Is it quality time?
  • Will you have any regrets in the future?

Do you want to give more to your community?

  • Do you help out with children’s sports teams?
  • Do you attend your church?

Are you as healthy and fit as you would like?

  • How does your current regime of diet, sleep and exercise change your feelings toward being happy and at peace?

Balance is constantly changing. Don’t be concerned about balance; be concerned about whether the life you choose to live is what you want. Take into account what others advise, but in the end it is your life and your choice. Think less about compromise and more about how to achieve what will make you happy and bring you peace. Go for it.