Earn Happiness Profit

Monday, October 15 2012
lovewhatyoudoHappiness is like profit. You do not create it directly. Rather, you do what it takes to enable it to happen. Consider how you can build these elements in your organization to create opportunities for everyone to gain happiness:


People are happier if they are striving for something worthwhile, belonging to something greater than themselves. Articulate a mission that describes your organization’s contribution to the world. Help everyone see how their job plays a part in that mission.

Meaningful goals

Significant, strong aspirations ignite the reward circuit of the brain that regulates emotions and reinforces pleasure. Happiness occurs where pleasure and meaning meet. Use a program likeResults Centred Leadership™ to train managers to help people develop challenging goals.


Pleasure occurs when people recognize they have accomplished something worthwhile. The same reward circuit ignites. Plans, which target key milestones toward a goal, can provide frequent accomplishments. When respected people recognize an accomplishment, it gives it even greater meaning.  Help people create plans and give them frequent positive feedback. Saying thank you will make you happier too.


The exercise of initiative and independence heighten pleasure. Offer opportunities for individuals to be creative, suggest improvements, and execute additional tasks.

Skill Transfer

Passing one’s skills to another reinforces self-worth. Enabling those with wisdom from past experience to mentor others can make both individuals happier.


Purposeful giving builds “helpers high,” resulting in benefits to the brain similar to exercise.  Find out for which causes people are passionate to help and then assist them to do it more effectively by creating teams and/or matching donations.


Although research shows that people earning $50 million/year are no happier than those earning $50,000, money does buy happiness in so far as it provides security and a comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps you can help those earning the least to increase their income, and their ability to attain a comfortable lifestyle.

Supporting Relationships

Strong relationships with people who appreciate us and help when we face challenges reduces stress levels. Encourage friendships by creating non-work events where people can get to know each other better. Include life counseling in your employee assistance program.

In their book, Firms of Endearment, authors Sisodia, Wolfe and Sheth demonstrate that companies which treat their employees like customers outperform all others. Taking steps to enable your employees to gain happiness will help increase both your financial and happiness profits.