Feeling Good: The Ultimate Customer Experience

Monday, April 16 2012

You want your customers to feel good. Your goal is to ensure that good feelings result from every interaction they have with your organization. Take action so everyone from the front-line to the CEO is sensitive to the needs and feelings of their customers.
customer feedback

  1. Create a customer-centred mentality. Coach everyone to recognize that their customers, whether outside or within the organization, have specific needs to be fulfilled; and, they all want positive feelings from being served.
  2. Teach everyone to see themselves as a customer and encourage them to behave in the way they want customers to act.
  3. Help everyone identify the specific needs and desires of their customers. Determine the nature of the relationships that work best. Start at the front line and move inward to the CEO.
  4. Ask customers on a regular basis about their experience in order to discover their perceptions of what quality means; perhaps using Prevue™ to understand the kind of person they would most like to encounter.
  5. Measure your customers’ feelings about their experiences. “Results–Centred 360”can assess perceptions about managers at every level.
  6. Focus on the front-line. Provide them with resources, support, and training to deliver quality service. This is basic to generating a positive customer experience.
  7. Treat complaints as a good thing. Only about 1 in 25 people share their problems, so complaints are a precious opportunity to improve. Ensure everyone listens carefully, confirms the problem, and expresses empathy. Empower individuals to take immediate corrective action.
  8. Help everyone build a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Good feelings get passed on to customers.
  9. Make respect the mandatory standard for every interaction. Never underestimate the value of what anyone says. Take a leadership role and use every opportunity to express appreciation in a timely, sincere manner.
  10. In your own work, identify your customers and what represents quality to them. Be an example of how everyone is to work for their customers. Strive to exceed the customers’ minimum expectations by finding ways to make them feel glad they work with you.

If you lead your organization by treating everyone as your best customer, helping each person to build a strong sense of self-worth, and to feel good about dealing with you, positive feelings will spread throughout your organization and reach beyond. Your organization will become the subject of positive comment, from both customers and employees.  People will come back for more.