Focus on Focus

Sunday, November 6 2011

This article is a distraction! Read it…don’t read it! Okay, read it because it will only take about 120 seconds and will outline methods for staying focused on what’s important.

The distractions in our lives have grown exponentially. Millions of distractions – images, emails, commercials, articles, tweets, phone calls and products are vying for our attention.

As a salesperson, you’re expected to sift through all those distractions AND stay current on your products, keep connected to your clients, keep your pipeline full of new prospects, read the latest books on selling…and close some sales. Add to that the responsibilities of family, community, professional associations, as well as maintaining your house, your car and your cottage, and it’s a wonder that you’re still sane, never mind productive.

So focus.

Focus on what’s important and make small, but sure steps of progress. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed (and who could blame you) it is easy to spin out of control if you don’t focus on taking charge of those areas that are:

  1. Within your span of control;
  2. Helping you move toward your goals; and,
  3. Aligning your behaviour with your values.

Span of Control
•    You can’t control the traffic. You can control the time you leave for your appointment and your reaction to the traffic if it impedes you.
•    You can’t control the economy. You can control how hard you work, your choice of jobs, your attitude, your interpretation of events, and your expectations.
•    Researchers have shown that when we feel a sense of control over small things, we begin to take charge of bigger areas too.

•    Your business goals should align with your personal goals.
•    Goals should be realistic. Set goals that are a stretch, yet not so far out of reach that you can’t see them.
•    Set small daily goals. Don’t run a marathon today, run a mile. Don’t write a book today, write a page. Small daily goals of improvement (kaisen) will lead to bigger results.

•    It’s easy to be stretched in many different directions. Make some time to write out your values, what’s important to you and why, and then compare your behaviour to those values.
When you focus on Control, Goals and Values, the distractions will recede into background noise and you’ll move steadily forward in the direction of your dreams.

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