Giving Back Pays Huge Dividends

Friday, October 28 2022

In life, there are givers and takers. At either end of the spectrum, they are transparent and obvious. Most of us are attracted to givers and repelled by takers. As a salesperson, it is in everyone’s best interests, including your own, for you to be a giver because giving back pays.

Being a giver may seem tough when you’re beginning your sales career. You are under pressure to make ends meet, reach quota, learn new skills and raise a family. That said, making a conscious decision to be a giver rather than a taker sets a pattern of thinking and behaviour that benefits others, makes you a better person and pays tangible and intangible dividends in the future.

What does that look like? In your community there are many charitable and non-profit organizations. They include churches, service groups, foundations, special interest groups, and associations. Most need new members, especially those who have leadership skills, and they will welcome someone wishing to lend a hand by contributing time, money, or expertise.

Why give away your valuable time to such organizations?

It’s a good way to practice being a giver not a taker.

Being a giver is a uniquely human trait and brings out the best in us. It’s in our DNA. Cooperation and reciprocity have enabled us to evolve, survive and thrive in spite of the many challenges we’ve faced over thousands of years.  New science suggests that altruism leads to greater and more lasting personal satisfaction and happiness. And engaging with a community of people who care about you actually extends your life expectancy.

The principal of reciprocity suggests we tend to get back what we first give. The Beatles sang, “…and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” When you give, with no strings attached, you tend to get back in equal measure from other sources.

You’ll meet interesting, and often influential, people who may be prospects for your business. That’s not the reason you should do it, but it is a definite side benefit.

Giving back by being a leader in an altruistic pursuit raises your profile in the community, opens doors, engenders trust, garners referrals, and makes selling easier and more fun. So, as well as being morally right, it is a practical strategy to enhance your career and your life.

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