Giving to Your Community Benefits Your Organization

Tuesday, February 18 2014

Everyone wins when your organization gives to its community.Giving


Organizations exist in synergy with their communities; the stronger the community, the stronger the organization. Your community is a major contributor to your success, providing revenue, people, safety, expertise, and resources. The “business” contribution of your organization helps strengthen the community, and in addition, you can help fill gaps that remain in the network of your community.

Research from around the world shows that human beings receive a psychological reward from helping others. When individuals in your organization see the results of their efforts benefiting their community, they gain a stronger sense of purpose.


Consider supporting causes that touch your people. When individuals have an emotional connection to a particular need, they naturally give more effort and receive a better feeling.

It is best to give through reputable organizations with a proven record of service. Look for agencies that can deliver to those you want to help.


Although money is easiest to give and is very flexible, it does not create greater person-to-person involvement. When we give our time, we experience an emotional connection to the recipient. An hour giving blood helps me think about saving someone’s life. Physical goods can create a bond when people produce or collect them.


Community needs are always present, but certain times offer stronger opportunities. Recipient needs peak at particular times of the year or after traumatic events. Right now in the Philippines, one million homes need to be rebuilt. Look into the cycle of needs locally and consider what aligns with your staff time and interest.


A good place to start is allocating funds in your annual budget. You can create a strong sense of teamwork by leading people to act together to give, by raising money or expending effort.  When people set collective goals and share the celebrations of their success, they experience the benefits of teamwork in a very tangible way.

Research has also shown that the emotional benefits we gain from helping others encourages further generous behavior, which compounds the benefits over time. When your organization takes the lead to involve people in giving to others in your community, the returns will accrue to everyone for a very long time.


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