Grow Your Sales – Intelligently

Tuesday, August 9 2011

The tagline for The Achievement Centre is Growing Your Business – Intelligently. “Intelligently” is a deliberate focus because growth for the sake of growth alone is not always the right strategy.

‘Not-so-intelligent Growth’ would include:

Growing sales without growing profits. This can be accomplished by offering non-strategic discounts, working with unprofitable customers, and selling low-margin or subpar products or services, which makes your customers unhappy with you.

Growing in a direction that doesn’t fit your core values or strategy, even if the opportunity presents itself. When you have clear goals, it’s easier to turn away business that doesn’t align. Being all things to all people is a recipe for disaster.

Growing sales to customers you’d rather not deal with. While an easy sale can make your numbers look good in the short run, some customers simply aren’t worth the hassle. They include those who are unreasonably demanding, don’t pay their bills, yell at your installers, or engage in behaviours that make people tense up at the sound of their name.

On the other hand ‘Intelligent Growth’:

Starts with a plan that describes the kind of business you are in, the kind of customers you want to deal with, the kind of products you want to sell, and the margins you’re seeking. It includes a detailed description of your ideal client that enables you to identify target customers and go after them quickly and confidently.

Grows at a rate that meets the needs of the company’s stakeholders. It allows you to balance the growth necessary to create enthusiasm and excitement without burning out employees, disappointing existing customers, making promises you can’t keep, and overburdening your suppliers.

Grows your sales team with the right people; those who fit your description of the ideal candidate, who will add strength and character to your team and who can produce the results you need when you need them.

Grows by tapping into the potential of your current salespeople. Most companies underperform. They could improve if their salespeople were better trained.

Grows by expanding your business with existing customers rather than always chasing new ones.

As you set your goals for sales growth, consider what it means to grow your business intelligently, working smarter not harder.