Growing Your Organization – Organically

Monday, September 16 2013

Like a tree, your organization needs care, nourishment and energy to grow into a stronger, more productive system. Organic growth is the use of internal strengths and resources to build your organization from its roots without resorting to acquisitions or mergers. It delivers a structure to withstand the most powerful buffeting from its environment.OrganicGrowth2

Organic growth requires:

  • clear direction
  • organizational development
  • focused marketing
  • strong leadership
  • targeted sales

Clear direction results from collective decisions and actions rooted in shared values, an inspiring mission, and an exciting vision. People use these to select their best options. This defines your upward growth.

Organizational development begins by identifying the organization’s greatest strengths and most critical weaknesses in light of emerging opportunities and threats. The overlap of strengths and opportunities leads to growing more powerful actions to serve customers.  Recognizing where key weaknesses interact with threats drives learning to build new skills and capabilities.

Focused marketing arises from identifying the product and customer offerings which deliver the most robust returns. Looking at the full spectrum of trends that impact customers helps predict enduring and unfolding needs. By ascertaining which current products can evolve and which new products must be developed, the organization defines how to grow to meet its future customers. These actions lengthen current branches of your organization and sprout new shoots.

Strong leadership is described in Caroline Rowan’s article as built upon five attributes: creative insight to develop vision and direction, clear communication of expectations, initiative to work with the team, inspiration as a catalyst for change, and trust for powerful working relationships.

Targeted sales are focused on the 20% of your clients who provide 80% of your demand. Research helps you unveil their underlying buying motivations and how they will change in the future.  A consultative selling process, devoting 80% of time to asking questions, ensures the right products are offered to the right clients.

Organic growth sends down strong roots. It nourishes the organization’s strengths and pushes upward to the sunshine of fulfilling future needs. Strong leadership is provided to all branches of the organization. A focus on unfolding customer needs, fuelled by targeted sales is the source of energy for growth to last through the years.  When all these elements come together your organization grows into a beautiful system.