A Healthy Sales System

Thursday, June 6 2013
Cold CallsThose who say cold calling doesn’t work are wrong.

Cold calling may not work as well as it used to, but it still works. Naysayers probably just don’t want to work that hard. Fair enough. But a problem is created when you decide that cold calling doesn’t work. What are you going to do instead? How often? What are you measuring? What’s your number?

You need a number. Like your temperature, it tells you how you’re doing and whether you need to change what you’re doing to get back to your desired state.

The good thing about cold calling is that you can develop your metrics and monitor your statistics. How many calls to make a contact? How many contacts to get an appointment? How many appointments to get a sale? How many sales do I need to feed my family? Old school you say? Perhaps, but it paid the bills.

Many salespeople have concluded that cold calling doesn’t work and given it up without doing the requisite analysis to determine what their new funnel looks like. Deciding that you’ll get all your business by referrals and Internet leads is great. Good for you! How many Internet leads does it take to progress to one sales interview in which you are solving the prospect’s problem and being compensated for the value you provided? How many referrals does it take? Do you know those numbers, those key performance indicators? What’s your process?

New prospects are your company’s oxygen. To have a healthy sales organization, you need a constant stream of new prospects. Give up cold calling if you like, but don’t give up bringing in new prospects or your business will die.