Hiring for Success

Wednesday, February 1 2012

When people join your organization, they come with a dream. They come with a passion and enthusiasm to begin something new and exciting; and, most of all they come with expectations.  

Only if the hiring process is well planned and executed will you be able to realize the full potential of any new hire and achieve enhanced results by injecting their passion into your organization. Unfortunately, when the hiring process is not well planned and executed, the reverse can happen and you will lose what you hoped to gain.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is believing that the hiring process is complete once the employment agreement has been signed and the person has arrived on the first day. It is only the beginning of the process! Organizations can get maximum return on their investment, maximize retention of their best hires, and develop great alumni when employees move their careers in another direction in the future, if they follow a three-stage hiring process outlined below.

Finding the Right Person  

  • Clarify the competencies you need for the position now and in the future.
  • Consider how the candidate will fit into the current culture?
  • Carefully plan the interview questions. Determine the responses you want to get, and why you want to hear those answers. Ensure that you fully analyze the answers you get.
  • Use a validated assessment tool focussed on hiring which gives information on abilities, interests and personality. These tools can provide additional insight and help you find the right fit for your organization

Bringing the New Hire Onboard

  • Ensure a quality orientation that includes meeting people, the physical location, as well as policies and procedures.
  • Welcome them into the organization with an announcement or email.
  • Have their physical space and basic supplies such as business cards, telephone, computer, email employee list and security pass set up and ready to go.
  • Prepare team members for the new person’s arrival and ensure that any issues are dealt with ahead of time, such as a disgruntled team member who didn’t get the position.
  • Provide adequate training to ensure success.
  • Meet with the individual weekly for the first three months to set expectations, give feedback, and ensure any concerns are dealt with immediately.

Ongoing coaching

  • Build strong relationships and motivation through regular, ongoing coaching in addition to any situational or on-the-job support that the individual requires.

Your organization`s continued growth and success depends upon making the right choices in the hiring process. The process starts with clarifying the need and ends with coaching and development of the individual throughout their tenure with your organization. The goal is to hire and retain individuals with the right talent, who blend easily into the culture, interact well with the team, and believe in the company`s mission and vision. If you behave as if hiring someone is an ongoing process and that you are recruiting everyone in your organization every day, you will be delighted by the results.