It Pays to Keep Your Organization Healthy

Friday, June 14 2013

A healthy organization, like a healthy human, must take care of many aspects of life in order to achieve a clear, worthy future.HealthyOrg
As a leader, ensure that each of these six areas receives care:

1. A Clear and Worthwhile Purpose

An organizational mission focused on a strong, positive contribution to society, rather than merely maximizing returns, makes everyone involved feel that they are part of something valuable.  A clearly articulated vision provides the destination for which everyone can strive.  When people pull in the same direction, the organization moves forward with greater certainty and power.

2. Shared Goals and Results

Share the business goals broadly to bring everyone in the organization on board with achieving the mission and vision. When these are cascaded to all departments each person knows what they can do to create mutual success. They work smarter and stay longer when they believe they are making a contribution.

3. Leadership

Leaders can better influence how work is done and decisions made for successful outcomes when they have earned the trust of their employees. Nurturing leadership in individuals enables staff to take more responsibility for their actions. Then the organization can strive for new achievements with confidence.

4. Teamwork

Teamwork is key to organizational effectiveness. Collaboration for common goals creates synergy and more powerful results. When individuals step beyond their strict roles to help each other, problems are addressed more effectively. Relationships are strengthened when goals and successes are shared.

5. Morale

When people have strong, positive feelings about the work they are doing and about themselves, they act with greater confidence, address risks more effectively, and generate better results. Frequent, positive, timely feedback and celebrating team successes are fundamental to building high morale.

6. Clarity

People want to know exactly where they fit in the organization and what is expected of them. A well-defined structure shows where their most important relationships lie and where to go for guidance and assistance. Clear role descriptions and performance expectations build confidence. They will strive hard to meet expectations and will be able to see when they are doing well in their job.

A healthy organization has a clear direction, powerful leadership, teamwork, and healthy employees. The result is stability and growth.  Everyone receives a net positive benefit.