Lovers or Fighters

Wednesday, December 5 2012

I must be one of the most fortunate people in the world! I love what I do and have felt that way since becoming a leadership coach and facilitator. Over the years I have met so many people who do not really love what they do, and yet they keep doing it. There are several fundamental benefits to loving what you do, including:

  • Feeling a smile on your face and in your heart every day.
  • Having resilience to manage any situation that occurs in your life.
  • Being fully there in every activity.
  • Improved health.
  • Greater relationships.

Do you love what you do?

The Lovers or Fighters exercise, which is described in Coaching for Success,available through The Achievement Centre International is a simple exercise that will help you find out.

  • Create four columns on your worksheet as illustrated below.
  • In the left hand column list percentages, which will show the amount of time you devote to each activity.
  • On a separate worksheet list all the activities that you do on a regular basis as part of your job.
  • Now transfer each of those activities to the appropriate column on your chart, matching the percentage of time it takes with your assessment of how much you enjoy it.
  • Here is an example of what a portion of my chart might have looked like a few years ago,before I got an assistant. My assistant now does all the things listed in my “Fight” column.
Love Do Fight
20 % + Coaching Following leads Booking appointments
10 – 20 % Facilitation Reading and answering emails


7 – 9 % Business development
4 – 6 %
  • Filing
  • Pulling files
  • Banking
  • Mail
  • Administrating Assessments
1 -3 % Reading Articles Writing articles
  • Writing proposals
  • Invoicing

Once you have added all your tasks look at the lay out. You have two choices:

  • Delegate those things you fight, and focus on those things you love. I did and hired an assistant who loves doing the things I fight. We are both happy and my business has grown
  • Consider whether there is enough in the “Love” column to make it worthwhile staying in the role that you currently hold.

It is easy to say there is always a choice; and, there are definitely other factors that come into play before you quit a job, but if the majority of what you do sits in the “Fight” column it is definitely time to take action.

This is also a great exercise for anyone applying for a new role in order to ensure you get a position that will provide you with the highest percentage of time doing the things you love.

Similarly try it for your personal life. I happily work longer to pay someone else to clean my house – a job I definitely fight, but the cleaner loves.

Love life to the fullest and love what you do.