Make Your Organization ‘Delegation Friendly’

Tuesday, November 20 2012

Standards and processes that make every level of your organization ‘delegation friendly’ will increase efficiency and productivity, as well as make life easier for every manager.

The objective of delegation in an organization is to get the right people doing the right work, everywhere.  Few organizations provide permission and direction that enables widespread delegation. Typically, managers don’t recognize the benefits of delegating; know what’s best delegated; how to delegate skillfully; and, how to assure delegation is delivering the intended results. There are key steps to make delegation work:

  • Create a culture of delegation. Often mangers don’t consider delegation for what they normally do. Inform them about the returns that effective delegation delivers to them and train everyone in a standard process.
  • Lead by example. Identify the tasks that you are responsible for and determine which deliver the highest and the lowest payoffs to the organization. Delegate the lowest payoff jobs and invest the time gained in those high payoff activities.
  • Fill your organization with leaders. Train and enable people to take initiative to improve how they do their work. Teach them to provide direction for others so everyone moves in a more productive direction.
  • Empower individuals to execute effective delegation. Ensure they have the authority to decide and the responsibility to act for results. Provide the resources required as they are needed.
  • Delegate closest to the customer, whether internal or external. When decisions affecting people are made closer to them, less time is wasted getting things done.
  • Use an assessment tool, like PrevueR to identify the person who best fits the job. When a person’s personality style matches the job, they perform more effectively.
  • Build a comprehensive training and delegation plan that anticipates delegation opportunities and allows individuals to grow to fulfill greater authority.
  • Assign a support person or a coach to help individuals accept delegated roles. Establish goals, measurements, checkpoints, reports and feedback to ensure successful delegation.

These actions help create a culture where every manager is encouraged to look for opportunities to delegate. When the right people do the right tasks, they use their talents and time to reap the greatest returns for the organization and themselves. Better decisions are made, and more effective actions take place. The organization is much better off, and the life of every manager is easier.