Persist To Achieve Your Organization’s Vision

Tuesday, March 15 2016

Persistence is central to making your organization’s vision a reality.Persistence2

Creating persistence in an organization is like running a marathon. It requires a clear picture of the destination; a defined track to success; and specific milestones to demonstrate progress.

Your organization’s destination is articulated in its mission andvision. The mission, its central purpose, is a mixture of present and future. Your vision describes how your organization will unfold to achieve the mission and meet your customers in the future. Persistence is essential to achieving both.

How do you build organizational persistence?

Your mission (the worthwhile destination) must allow people to contribute to improving society. Describe the vision of what the organization will become. Extract key tangible components of that long-term vision and for each component ask; “If we’re going to reach this five years from now, where must we be in four years, in three, in two, in one year?”

Involve the entire leadership team. It is difficult to persist in the face of urgent “other” demands. Assign the accomplishment of each strategic goal to a champion. The champion creates a plan outlining the path to achieving a very clear, specific, achievable time-bound goal.

Milestones define how the goal will be accomplished piece by piece and an individual or team is assigned responsibility to complete each milestone.

Those involved create weekly action plans that describe what they will accomplish toward achieving their milestone. A weekly “self-appointment” with enough time to complete the action is required. This valuable time must be defended as if it was for meeting with a most important customer.

A ‘Champion-of-Champions’ is charged with keeping other champions on track and supporting them.  This involves weekly meetings with each one, offering assistance, and encouraging them to celebrate successes.

Regular monthly strategy review meetings are booked for champions to report to the team about their progress to date, results achieved, degree to which the team is on track, and any assistance required from the leadership team.

When each leader has a clear, specific goal and sees the milestones ahead, they take action to make it happen. Leaders who develop persistence across the organization contribute to a better future for their company.