Proactive Actions for Organizational Success

Tuesday, October 17 2017

An organization’s leader is wise to be proactive about building key factors for organizational success.

What is essential?

Articulate a clear, powerful mission and meaningful values

Be sure to:

  • Involve your leadership team
  • Include representation from across the organizational spectrum
  • Craft a single statement of your central purpose
  • Outline the benefits delivered to clients and staff
  • Discuss what key, positive behaviours make your organization work most effectively together and express them in short, clear statements of values

Visualize your organization’s future

How it will meet the needs of current and potential new clients? Unveil customers’ unfolding needs by examining demographic, social, economic, political, technological, and marketplace trends. Consider the impact of these trends in the years ahead. Describe the organization’s future in the areas of finance, target markets, marketing, sales, required competencies, operations, innovation and technology.

Construct, maintain and renovate teams

Assemble teams of individuals whose efforts compliment and serve each other. Facilitate the discussion in each team to articulate their contribution to the organizational mission. Generate an outline of the plans and actions required to make it happen.

Maintain teams with regular meetings to share successes, identify future milestones, and request and receive assistance.

Renovate teams through ongoing training and renewal of their vision and goals.


Identify opportunities for provider-client relationships within your organization. Listen to the requirements of internal customers and create a plan for delivering on these needs.

Celebrate positive efforts and results

Make a habit of providing sincere and specific feedback to individuals and teams. This can be an opportunity to reinforce the impact of their actions on clients and the ultimate mission of the organization.

A leader sets an important example. Attend to these actions and you lay the foundation for greater success in your organization.