Team Action!

Monday, September 19 2016
teamactionA dogsled poised to dash across Arctic snow goes nowhere if each dog pulls in a different direction; and unless everyone in your organization is pulling in the same direction your results can be equally disastrous.

An organization’s movement is the product of collective, powered efforts. How well your team pulls together in the same direction will determine how quickly you are able to move toward your goals. Together and in the same direction you can achieve results previously thought impossible.

How do you get your organization mobilized to move in the same direction?

  1. Create a clear strategic direction.

A vision of what the organization will achieve, what it will look like, and how it will operate in the future. Work with every division, team and individual to build a vision of what they will achieve to move in the same direction.

  1. Articulate the central reason for directed effort.

A clear and powerful mission that describes both how society will be better off and the benefits to employees is imperative. Help every division, team, and individual identify their contribution to your mission.

  1. Empower action.

Create specific, measurable goals. Provide the necessary authority, resources and support to ensure these goals can be accomplished.

  1. Build teams at every level.

Identify how people depend on and complement each other. Develop team and individual goals that emphasize complementary actions and joint accountability. Construct teams within and across traditional boundaries.

  1. Develop expertise.

Enhance those skills required to achieve the goals. Build individual expertise in the improvement of processes. Create insight, attitudes and abilities for leadership. Teach the skills for problem identification and authorize the power to make corrections.

  1. Celebrate publicly.

Give credit for contributions and celebrate the successes of the organization, teams and individuals. Ensure that every manager seeks out accomplishments of every size and personally thanks individuals. Do it every day.

  1. Identify positive elements within shortfalls and setbacks.

Note those efforts and accomplishments that were positive. Outline lessons learned and the benefits and growth accrued.

When individuals understand their unique contribution to the organization’s mission and vision they will all pull in the same direction. The organization will achieve results once thought impossible.