Technology – Embrace It Like a Three Year Old

Monday, May 5 2014

Watch any three-year-old with an iPad and you’ll see what embracing technology is all about. No fear, no hesitation, no concern about making mistakes, no asking for instructions, and unshakable confidence in the endless opportunities. Just doing and succeeding. 

So why can’t we all be like that? Not merely comfortable; but, open to the possibilities of how we might use technology. Here are seven ideas that can help move us forward:

1. Be confident and eliminate fear of change and the unknown.

In life every new thing we do requires us to have the courage to take the first step, take action or try something. After we have taken enough steps we gain experience, which builds confidence and the belief that what we are doing will make a difference. Think about the many technologies we have embraced over the last decade. Most of them we can no longer live without! Email, e-calendars, on-line banking, bank deposits using smartphone photographs. We would never be where we are today if we hadn’t tried in the first place.

2.  Take immediate action.

Don’t hesitate until there is no option. Consider the example of email. Initially, many companies hesitated to embrace it (Anyone under 30 probably cannot comprehend this) and yet today no business could survive without it. Those who hesitated risked their momentum.

3.  Accept that it is okay to make a mistake while learning.

If we are not making mistakes we are probably not risking or learning. Holding back and not trying new technology can be devastating. Blockbuster didn’t embrace the technology of the future… they could have been Netflix.

4.  Be open minded.

See opportunities versus obstacles. Be a visionary and ask “what if”. Embrace the possibilities. Probe deeply to discover what you don’t know. Inspire people to find solutions rather than staying with the old method.

5.  Ask for help.

Seek out people who are more technologically savvy or comfortable with technology. Listen to what they have to say. Tap into their dreams. You don’t have to understand how or even what is done. The key is to see what could be the end result if it works well.

6.  Be patient.

This reminder comes on behalf of all my IT clients, who often have a difficult time explaining that programming takes time. When the results appear like magic it can look deceptively easy. Technology is solving a puzzle and it does not happen overnight. It takes time and money.

7.  Invest in proper training.

Train people well. This includes understanding the vision and the benefits, as well as how to use the technology. Training is critical in ensuring that your ROI is maximized.

The future will involve technology. The sooner we accept that and embrace it, the faster we will get results. Just think how much fun it will be to recapture the enthusiasm of a three-year-old. The possibilities are endless.


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