Time Management – An Effective Strategy

Friday, April 29 2016

We all have more to do than we think we can manage and when we face limited resources then choices have to be made, actions taken, and positive attitudes engaged. One of the keys to success is to find a way to use untapped potential, most significantly time, people and money. Time has the biggest impact; when you use your time correctly other choices become much easier.

Time management is a difficult concept, because it is not possible to manage time. Just as fish cannot manage the water they live in, you cannot manage time. What you can do is manage yourself in the 24 hours you have available each day. You cannot buy, borrow, make or steal more minutes; so how you use those hours determines your success.

At the end of the day ask yourself:

  • Do I know my top priorities?
  • How many times did I get distracted today and work on something that was not critical?
  • Did I make a conscious choice to refocus rather than sticking to my plan?
  • Have I determined what I value in all aspects of my life?

These are all choices. Decide what is important and focus on it. What you commit to will get done. Know your priorities at work and choose to make them your focus.

Develop your team. As you master how you manage your own priorities work with your team on how they manage theirs. Choose to stop doing whatever is not achieving the goals you have agreed upon. This will also assist you to determine what to invest in and how to effectively spend your budget.

Once everyone is working at peak efficiency you can determine if you need more people, or if you have the right people in the right roles. It is unwise to add more people or leave someone in a role too long just because you are overwhelmed with work.

Doing nothing, without determining if it is the right strategy, is making a choice, perhaps not a good one, but a choice nonetheless. Know what is important and focus on what you can achieve within the limits of your resources. Remember when you manage yourself within the time you have, the choices around other resources become much easier, because you focus on the right areas.

Limited resources should not be the factor that determines your achievement. Choose your priorities and make them work for you.