Trust Builds a Strong Structure

Tuesday, July 15 2014

Trust is the source for true leadership. Trust in the organization’s leadership makes the difference between simply complying and doing the minimum, and eagerly using all of one’s creativity and skills for great results. Stephen Covey declares that organizations with high trust outperform those with low trust by 600%. Building trust is an excellent investment.

Clear mission and values create a strong foundation.

Help everyone understand the values that guide organizational decisions as well as its central purpose. Give people confidence that the organization acts positively toward everyone.

Ensure the organization does what is best for stakeholders, keeping clients and employees as its first priority. When leadership treats employees as it does customers, it will demonstrate high levels of concern for their welfare. People will then trust that no one will take advantage of their vulnerabilities. This enables them to take measured risks at work.

Create a functional architecture of mutual trust.

When the leadership hears what is said and acts accordingly, individuals feel strongly respected. When employees can become owners of their jobs, and are given credit for their successes, they know their contributions are valued and that the organization trusts their efforts.

Like every room in a building, each team must uphold its function. Mutual trust, built upon shared purpose and values, helps people seek and offer help more naturally because they trust that everyone else is working for a mutual benefit.

Assist people to appreciate different personality styles and strengths. Build trust between teams by helping them understand each others’ contributions to the mission, and to regard their colleagues as customers or suppliers.

Protect people with transparency and accountability.

As a roof protects the structure from storms, transparency and accountability protects trust from events that can erode it. When organizational goals and results are shared, individuals are protected from uncertainty. They trust that the organization is agile enough to create strong positive results, even out of mistaken actions. When leaders demonstrate accountability for decisions and actions, whether positive or negative, employees trust that they will not be blamed for errors they did not commit, and they will be appreciated for their successes.

A strong trust structure keeps the organization stable, creates the right relationships, and protects people from blame. Your organization will generate results exponentially greater than those organizations that don’t build that strong structure.