What is a “Professional Salesperson”?

Monday, August 10 2015

A professional is an expert, skilled in their profession who usually gets paid well for their services.

A sales professional is someone who is accomplished and competent in the “what,” “why,” and “how” of their product or service. They earn the trust and respect of their customers and employer, at the same time maintaining their own self-respect and dignity. They achieve that level of trust by cultivating core values and behaving with integrity, credibility and confidence.

Core values of a salesperson:


A professional salesperson acts with integrity. What they say and what they do aligns. They act in the best interests of their customer and their employer – not benefitting one to the detriment of the other. They keep their promises, do what they say they are going to do and earn others’ trust.


A professional salesperson is an expert. Through training, experience and continuous learning they demonstrate that they know their stuff. They know their products and services better than their customers. And they understand their customers’ situations and how they could benefit from those products. They are creative, innovative and resourceful in helping their customers solve problems.  If they can’t solve it with their own products, they don’t hesitate to help the customer find a solution even if it means thinking outside the box. They recognize that one interaction doesn’t make a long-term customer. It’s the ongoing concern and interest in working with the customer that forms a relationship that lasts and pays off again and again.


Imagine being operated on by a surgeon who lacked confidence…not a comforting thought. We also like to deal with salespeople who are confident in themselves, their products, the support staff behind them, the company and the quality of their advice. There is so much information available to customers on the Internet. What we need is a salesperson with the ability to understand our unique situation, understand their products and services and be able to confidently recommend a solution. We want their professional opinion, wisdom and advice. If we don’t need that, we can order online.

Confidence comes from integrity and credibility. It is not faked or arrogant. It is apparent when you:

  • fully embrace a win-win philosophy
  • commit to becoming the best you can be
  • study your product and your profession diligently
  • put your customer’s and company’s needs ahead of self-interest
  • appreciate and understand the beneficial merging of those needs
  • know your product better than anyone else

If you thrill at the smile of a satisfied customer and have the ability to reproduce those smiles multiple times, your confidence as a professional shines through.