Alena Sviderskaia


Toronto, Ontario


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Alena is a passionate coach and speaker, eternal optimist and an unwavering advocate for unlimited human potential. She is laser-focused on identifying her clients’ unique needs and finding ways to bridge the gap between knowing what to do, and doing it.

Alena holds a degree in psychology from McGill University and is a proud member of the CPA (CA) order, and a graduate of a CoachU coaching program. She uses her extensive and diverse corporate experience and relentless drive to succeed to deliver results for her clients while supporting them through the process.

During her corporate career, Alena was responsible for the launch of a key Diversity & Inclusion project with a focus on Millennials and inter-generational cooperation. In addition, she had the honor of being selected as a “Finance GIVES” ambassador and traveled to South Africa and Swaziland, where she used her finance acumen to provide on-the-fly support to several not-for-profit organizations.

In her spare time, Alena is a traveler, self-proclaimed foodie, and a salsa enthusiast.


  • Results-Centred Leadership
  • TAC Surveys