Andrew Blaikie

Andrew Blaikie

Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo

P: 519.501.1270

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Andrew is a certified business coach with a focus on cultivating authentic leaders that know how to leverage the strengths of their team members. Andrew’s empathetic approach helps his clients dig deep and get honest about what they are really striving for; through this process they become fully invested in their goals, and inspire their teams to accomplishments that would have seemed previously unreachable.

Andrew has coached hundreds of people, helping them improve their relationships with employees, partners, and customers. This has resulted in less stress and more imagination, leading to greater profitability.


  • Results-Centred Leadership
  • Results-Centred Teamwork
  • Coaching for Success
  • Pure Selling
  • Pure Selling Essentials
  • TAC Surveys
  • Prevue
  • Effective Delegation


In his 30 year career, Andrew has been a consulting partner and leader in the fields of finance, technology, manufacturing, and health care. He has worked with teams around the world and carries a reputation for fostering excellent relationships and motivating people to make their very best contributions!