Karim Riad

2 Lantern Street, Kitchener, Ontario


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Karim brings strategic visionary focus that drives operational excellence and creates a distinct competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

His leadership and mentoring has created teams that seek out unmet customer needs.  Karim has keen insight into what motivates customers and effectively implements marketing strategies to entice customers to buy while creating brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Karim’s judgment is founded on 2 decades of diverse global experience in senior management, as CEO and Vice President in Canada, USA, and Europe including Manufacturing, Distribution and proven entrepreneurial success running his own retail business for 10 years.

Karim has expertise in developing processes to add value to a business and utilized this strategy to sell his own business – enabling him to maximize his return on investment.


Karim's keen interest lies in working with business owners to help them with business transition planning to enable the owners to achieve their goals and maximize their returns.