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Ken Ingram

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“Je m’occupe de vos affaires” is what Ken does best.

From 1981 – 2001, Ken was part of an elite team of senior engineering professionals with Bombardier Aerospace. The team was involved in  structural, systems and flight testing needed to meet stringent certification requirements for each product. The group was often referred to as the department of miracles because nothing was impossible, and they consistently were able to make the impossible possible.

Each business has challenges, but Ken believes it is our ability to see beyond that makes us different. We need to learn new ideas, tap into our underused potential, and bridge the gaps in competencies. The ultimate test in Leadership is the ability to push the envelop of what most people consider possible in all aspects of our business. That is the slight edge and helps you fly faster then your competitors.

As a bilingual, results-oriented business coach, Ken is competent working with management and employees in any business environment. He has coached teams at all levels in North America and Europe towards common goals and objectives by sharing his wealth of professional skills and knowledge combined with a win-win coaching style.

Ken is a graduate of the McGill Management Institute and is a black belt in the business process known as Six Sigma. He serves on several boards in the Montreal area and writes for multiple business magazines.

In the end only one thing matters. What results do you want and by when?


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The sales coaching and training given by Ken Ingram was of great value to the organisation. I personally enjoyed every session and learning from my co-workers. Ken made training fun as it should always be!

Denis Maranda

Vice President Sales & Marketing
North American Specialty Glass LLC