Wayne Vanwyck

Wayne Vanwyck

278 Sandy Hills Drive Elmira, Ontario N3B 2Z1

P: 519-654-2368

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An entrepreneur, author and coach, Wayne is the Business Transition Coach at The Achievement Centre and leader of the Business Transition Coach Forum©, where he leverages his extensive business experience and research from having written two highly successful books on the business transition crisis and transition planning.

Wayne founded The Achievement Centre in 1984, dedicated to sales and leadership development, which has grown to have franchises and associates across Canada. With over 36 years of experience, he has expertise in Sales Team Development, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Hiring and Selection Systems, Problem Solving and Business Transition Planning.

He was also a partner in Exchange Magazine, the leading business magazine for Waterloo Region. He owned a call centre in Kitchener for 17 years and is the owner of The Vanwyck Corporation, a developer and distributor of books and training programs.

An accomplished author, Wayne is a columnist for numerous business magazines, and has published over 400 articles on sales, management, entrepreneurship and transition planning. He is the author of the bestselling book, Pure Selling and the Pure Selling Sales Course, while his second book, Business Transition Crisis: Plan Your Succession Now and Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History, has been cited as a “must read for all entrepreneurs”.

With a deep-seated passion for addressing the crisis, Wayne recently published The Business Transition Coach – Your guide to succession planning, exit strategies, and preparing for the big handoff. He is also the creator of The Business Transition Coach Forum, a peer-to-peer program for business owners who want to prepare themselves and their business for transition or sale.

Away from the workplace, Wayne is on the board of the Kiwanis Club of Elmira, having served two terms as President. He has also developed, promoted and delivered a community leadership program that trained local leaders and raised more than $40,000 for children’s projects. He enjoys kayaking and spending time with his family at his cottage.

Wayne has sold his companies and now works as an executive coach with business owners, helping them with succession and transition planning.

Wayne’s a nice guy and he likes to help. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you think he can be of service.


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