Coaching for Success Survey

The Coaching for Success 270 (CFS270) survey is designed to provide valuable feedback to people in management or supervisory positions on attributes that reflect how effectively they coach their team. This report provides insight into strengths and areas for development based on the data collected from the subject of the survey, the person to whom they report, and some or all direct reports.


Measure Coaching Effectiveness

This HR tool can be used to compare performance against others’ perceptions so that development needs can be clarified, and to set some specific goals and action steps required to achieve the necessary changes. The CFS270 can be used as a stand-alone survey, to support coaching efforts, or in tandem with the Coaching for Success program.

The standard survey seeks feedback from the subject leader, their senior leader, and their direct reports. In addition, other categories of respondents can be added if there is a unique leadership structure.

The categories included in the survey include:

  • Leadership
  • Positive environment
  • Serving customers
  • Coaching
  • Communication & planning
  • Leveraging resources
The questions within these categories can be added, removed, or modified as required. TAC also offers year-over-year reporting to measure the progress a leader is making over time.

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