10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

425 Bingemans Centre Drive

Kitchener, Ontario
Time: 8am - 9:30am
Cost: $21.80

Companies with a high level of employee engagement outperform other companies by over 200%. Employees in these companies are much more productive, have much fewer sick days and these companies realize lower employee turnover, higher customer satisfaction, better safety records, higher profits and higher shareholder returns. However, surveys show that on average, only about 30% of employees are actively engaged. This is a serious problem costing organizations thousands of dollars in avoidable costs and lost opportunities. This seminar will:

  • Show you how to calculate the cost of low employee engagement in your organization
  • Provide you with the 10 ways that you can increase employee engagement
  • Outline the benefits you can expect by having more engaged employees
  • Hear stories of how various companies got their employees more engaged and the impact that had
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