Melanie Taylor Shares Insight on Radio Show

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

TAC Coach Melanie Taylor was recently featured on a radio show, hosted by Kathy Cook. Melanie shared some ideas of how to improve productivity and how to help yourself and your staff grow. Employees are the heart of any business and can help businesses grow to new levels or sink the business where they are. As an individual working for a company you want to know how to improve work happiness. Listen here as Melanie and Kathy discuss these and other interesting topics.

About the Financially Speaking radio show

Money is the one commodity that everyone can universally agree that they all need. Most people navigate through their lives not really understanding how money works or how to keep more of it.

Kathy Cook Noble is a believer in people’s abilities to understand, control and plan for their futures with money. She believes that once people understand the importance of why they need to control their own finances, they will live a free and happy life. She is a Financial Advisor, teacher, bookkeeper, business expert, seeker of knowledge, community volunteer and believer in people.