TAC Coach Featured in Online Magazine

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

TAC Coach Janet Christensen has just been featured in the inaugural issue of Professional Women Network’s (PWN) online magazine. Discover the lessons Janet learned when she enrolled in white water kayak school. Not only did she learn how to successfully navigate her kayak down the river, she came away with 10 life lessons to keep from sinking and go with the flow.

Janet shares these lessons in an article called Lean Forward and Keep Paddling: Life Lessons From the River. This is one chapter in the PWN collobarative book SInk, Swim or Float. Click here to read Janet’s adventure.

The Professional Woman Network is an International Consulting Organization on Women’s Issues. Janet has co-authored 18 books on leadership, professional and personal development. Three times she has been a guest speaker at their annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky.