Welcome to the team Karim

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

We are excited to announce our newest Associate in the Kitchener area.

Karim Riad’s leadership and mentoring has created teams that seek out unmet customer needs.  He has 2 decades of diverse global experience in senior management, as CEO and Vice President in Canada, USA, and Europe including Manufacturing, Distribution and proven entrepreneurial success running his own retail business for 10 years.

Karim has expertise in developing processes to add value to a business and utilized this strategy to sell his own business – enabling him to maximize his return on investment.

Karim has been an avid cyclist all his life.  He regularly cycles 4-5 days a week enjoying the local Waterloo region countryside. As a father of two, he shares his passion for cycling with his kids.  Karim and his daughter started participating in the largest organized bike ride in North America 2 years ago, which includes 80 km through the 5 boroughs of NYC.

He’s really got a thing for two-wheeled vehicles as he also enjoys motorcycling and crisscrossed North America with his wife and rode throughout Europe and New Zealand! He introduced both of his kids to motorcycling at a young age with a double sidecar which enabled him to take them both in the bike from the age of 4.  Karim invites anyone with a motorcycle to come out riding with him.

Karim has a passion for travel and speaks Arabic and French in addition to English.  He loves meeting new people and learning the nuances and customs of different cultures

One of his most rewarding experiences was taking part in a medical mission trip in 2012 where he and his wife Melissa spent one week in Haiti assisting in eye clinics and surgeries.  They found that going to a place like Haiti gives you a great respect for life and what is truly important.

One of Karim’s primary goals is to raise his two children to be independent, critical thinking, resourceful adults who are empathetic and kind individuals who have a strong spirit of adventure with a zest for life.

Welcome to the team!